The SilverStar Drop Center Aluminum Livestock Trailer is designed to be versatile. Haul cattle, hogs, or sheep - fats, feeders, or breeders - or load combinations. With SilverStar's series of available gates, ramps, bull bars and decking choices, haulers can tailor the trailer to their specific hauling requirements.

"Nothing pulls better than a Wilson" – the SilverStar's smooth wrap-around radius front end, tuned suspension, and solid lightweight aluminum construction makes it the preferred choice among livestock haulers.

Wilson's workmanship and wise use of long-lasting aluminum earns their trailers the reputation of a long service life with minimal maintenance and a high resale value. That means value.

Several elements come together to make the SilverStar the best livestock trailer on the road. Wilson builds in the beneficial standard features and then adds owner specific options to produce a trailer that not only achieves all expectations for the owner – it will keep doing so for many years to come.