The Wilson RoadBrute line of Center Frame Flatbed trailers consists of the CF-900 and CF-965 Straight Decks and the award winning CFD-900 Dropdeck models. They feature an abundance of lightweight, durable aluminum and weigh about 1,000 pounds less than all steel models – yet they are designed to take on greater payloads. We dare to compare our quality – match our weights and capacities together and this trailer stands alone at the top. It has earned its reputation of excellence. Wilson has been producing the "Combo" since 1983 – making us a "pioneer" manufacturer for these products.

The Wilson Roadbrute has many notable features bringing it to the forefront of the combination flatbed industry as a true value. Thanks to an abundance of aluminum components, the RoadBrute will naturally last longer and cost less to maintain. That's the beauty of corrosion problems, no need for repainting, and long-lasting curb appeal. Take a closer look at the RoadBrute's Features and Popular Options. See why the Wilson RoadBrute is your right choice.